Caroline de Pelet Abraham

Caroline de Pelet Abraham launched Branching Out to empower, inspire, equip and motivate pupils and young graduates with skills to approach interviews with genuine self assurance and preparedness.

The aim is to encourage clients to be focused and diligent in their preparation for interviews so that can engage with confidence. This is NOT about rote learning possible responses to a set of standard interview questions.

The Branching Out brand is represented by an iconic flourishing oak tree with deep roots.

Caroline assists interviewees with thinking about and addressing those roots, identifying strengths and possibilities. Understanding your ‘why’; being aware of your ‘mindset’ and ‘body language’; ensuring in-depth pre-interview research; connecting effectively with others and establishing a congruence between personal values and those of the interviewer organisation are some of the components addressed. These areas are core to being able to ‘stand steady – stand still’.

In essence, with personal mentoring and encouragement, clients can move into their next chapter with energised confidence.

Caroline is a qualified Life Coach with great experience in the school environment. Her studies in the Social Sciences together with personal development courses, as well as remaining current with research around psychology and wellness, gives her a deep understanding of young minds and the difficulties they may encounter during the interview processes throughout their careers.

She divides her time between England and Johannesburg and is available for individual or group consultations, face-to-face and online.

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