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What is Branching Out about?

Branching Out mentors young people through their interviews, equipping them with the lifelong tools to engage with successful self-assurance.  

“Through my business, Branching Out, I mentor and encourage young people through the interview process, equipping them with the lifelong tools so that they engage and connect successfully with authentic confidence.

Many of the young that I meet with are so unsure of themselves and lack insight as to how to properly prepare well for their  interviews – whether these be for school placements, internships or first jobs.  

I am there to help.  CV’s; covering letters;  considering questions that could be asked; getting to really know the organisation being interviewed by, and more, are a part of what I cover.  But what particularly  inspires me  is in getting clients to become excited about their own gifts and significance.

I want young people to embrace who they are and have the self-assurance to open up possibilities for themselves.  

And thus, this is much of what the tree is about!.  The  roots of a great tree signify the preparation needed for interviews.  The trunk symbolises that young person being reassured that they are ‘enough’ – and thus they can ‘stand steady, stand still’.    And the branches are the possibilities that come from having the faith to connect and reach out and take courageous action.”

Caroline de Pelet Abraham

Branching Out – Stand Steady, Stand Out.

What Caroline Offers:

I speak to school groups, as well as work alongside with individuals (face to face; via Zoom, telephonically and through emails).

Senior School Interviews

1-hour session (Once-off):

Graduate / Collage Interviews

1 hour session with follow up.

Mentoring you through your Interviews at any stage


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Branching Out Mentor

Caroline de Pelet Abraham

Caroline de Pelet Abraham launched Branching Out to empower, inspire, equip and motivate pupils and young graduates with skills to approach interviews with genuine self assurance and preparedness.


The aim is to encourage clients to be focused and diligent in their preparation for interviews so that can engage with confidence.  This is NOT about rote learning  possible responses to a set of standard interview questions.

Goes beyond our expectations

Caroline’s expertise on the topic of College Interviews and the writing of CV’s goes beyond our expectations. We have had the privilege of working with her during the last few years and her professionalism, etiquette and all-round knowledge is unprecedented. Caroline has addressed both boys and parents, both in a physical capacity and remotely to make sure that our stakeholders received the same experience and advice. She continues to offer and upskill our boys and parents in what can be an arduous process, reiterating the fact that ‘All will work out in the end

~~ Nicholas Diana ~~
The Ridge School

She did a wonderful job in building his confidence with her infectious enthusiasm

Having been referred to Branching Out by our prep school in Johannesburg, we contacted Caroline earlier this year to ask for advice to prepare our son for applying to one of the leading UK independent schools.  From the start Caroline provided us with sensible and wise advice as to exactly what to expect in the process and spent considerable time providing our son with useful preparation documents and meeting him to calmly prepare him.  She did a wonderful job in building his confidence with her infectious enthusiasm and continued to give us guidance as parents in what can be a fairly stressful process.  We are happy to recommend Caroline as an expert in her field, providing a valuable service in helping to prepare kids for school interviews, including in this case an international application process, for which we are pleased to confirm our son was ultimately successful.

~~ Parent ~~
Grade 5 Boy

It is without a doubt that with her guidance I easily obtained my first job

I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to work with Caroline. She is positive, encouraging and is expert in the field she is advising in. It is without a doubt that with her guidance I easily obtained my first job. She is up to date, well researched and will be as committed to helping you find your purpose as you will be. She goes above and beyond for all of her clients and really caters for each individuals needs. If you know what you want to do she will help you get there and if you do not she will help you figure it out. I could not recommend her services more.

~~ Megan Meyer ~~
Post Graduate Student

It was a most valuable hour

It was a most valuable hour  – focused the boys and got them to plan ahead. As a result, they were both confident and at ease in their interviews, and most importantly, were themselves.

~~ Lesley Mac Roberts ~~

Caroline is insurance against a disastrous interview!

Caroline is insurance against a disastrous interview! I highly recommend employing her skills, not only for Grade 7s embarking on their high school career, but for any person wanting to hone their inter-personal abilities.

~~ Hayley Schonborn Pienaar ~~
Kingsmead College, Marketing Manager

Caroline helped

Caroline helped me with my CV and and through her connections I now have an internship!  I am thankful to her for all of her effort and dedication.   I recommend anyone seeking guidance before leaving university to consult with her.

~~Ryan Graves~~
Post Graduate Student

Caroline made Lucy laugh and she really enjoyed her session.

Lucy came home with her head up high and confident about her approaching interviews.  I am so reassured and relieved about them myself!

Sarah – Parent, Year 6


~~Sarah, Parent~~

Thank you so much for listening and giving me the boost that I needed.

Thank you so much for listening and giving me the boost that I needed.  You have made me feel good about myself and I now know how to handle my interviews.  My session with you was great and really informative.

Undergraduate Student
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